ZEDRA announces integration and rebranding of Atlas Fund Services

Wim Ritz, ZEDRA Global Head of Funds

ZEDRA, the fast-growing global specialist in Fund solutions as well as Corporate, Global Expansion, Active Wealth Pensions and Incentives services, today announces the integration and rebrand of US and Curaçao-based, Atlas Fund Services, to ZEDRA. The rebranding follows the firm’s acquisition by ZEDRA in November 2022.

The new ZEDRA team members in Charlotte (North Carolina) and Curaçao will provide tailored and reliable alternative investment fund services to private equity and hedge funds of both seasoned and emerging investment managers based in the US and throughout Latin America.

Already an established player in the fund services industry, ZEDRA has dedicated teams in the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Channel Islands and Singapore to support both start-up and existing investment managers, as well as to provide complex structuring to family offices and closely grouped private investors by working throughout the fund design process and on to the implementation and governance.

The expansion of ZEDRA Funds services in the Americas is a natural next step, having established a strong reputation as the go-to provider of fund services in Europe, and rapidly growing across the European markets as well as in Singapore.

Commenting on the rebrand, Wim Ritz, ZEDRA Global Head of Funds, said: “ZEDRA is committed to becoming an international leader in the funds services industry. The dominance of the US market in this sector is undeniable and unmatched and we intend to be one of the major trusted players there, catering our services to the American demographic by leveraging Atlas’ expertise, resources, and reputation.

“Since the acquisition last year, Atlas’ team of skilled experts, in association with ZEDRA’s existing know-how and network worldwide, have been instrumental in helping us cement our presence overseas in the funds services industry. We are delighted to now have them officially carry the ZEDRA name and be a part of our story.”

Maarten Robberts, Managing Director of ZEDRA Funds in Charlotte and Curaçao, said: “We are excited to join a renowned player such as ZEDRA and leverage our local knowledge to expand its brand in the funds industry. Joining ZEDRA will help us retain and attract highly skilled talent, essential to navigate an increasingly competitive market. We also found that the firm’s client-focused culture and its ambitious holistic growth plan perfectly aligns with ours, paving the way for countless opportunities for our clients.”


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