‘BigBoss has the resources and capacity for global financial inclusion’: Christopher Jason, CEO of BigBoss

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A CFD broker is a financial services company that provides traders with access to the foreign exchange (forex) market through contracts for difference (CFDs). CFDs are derivative contracts that allow traders to speculate on the price movements of forex pairs without owning the underlying assets.

CFDs are traded on margin, which means that traders only need to deposit a small percentage of the total value of the contract to open a position. This allows traders to gain exposure to the forex market with a relatively small initial investment.

CFDs offer several advantages for forex traders, including:

Leverage: CFDs allow traders to use leverage to amplify their profits and losses. For example, a trader with a leverage ratio of 100:1 can control a position worth $100,000 with a deposit of only $1,000.

Liquidity: The forex market is one of the most liquid markets in the world, and CFDs allow traders to access this liquidity with ease.

Flexibility: CFDs can be used to trade both long and short positions, and traders can close their positions at any time.

Transparency: CFD prices are transparent and are typically based on the underlying interbank market prices.

The role of a CFD broker in forex trading

CFD brokers play an important role in forex trading by providing traders with access to the forex market and offering a range of trading tools and services. Some of the key services provided by CFD brokers include:

Execution of trades: CFD brokers execute trades on behalf of their clients.

Provision of trading platforms: CFD brokers provide their clients with trading platforms that allow them to place and manage their trades.

Margin accounts: CFD brokers provide their clients with margin accounts, which allow them to trade on margin.

Customer support: CFD brokers provide customer support to their clients, which can be helpful for new and experienced traders alike.

Choosing a CFD broker

When choosing a CFD broker, it is important to consider the following factors:

Regulation: The CFD broker should be regulated by a reputable financial authority.

Reputation: The CFD broker should have a good reputation in the industry.

Fees: The CFD broker should charge reasonable fees and spreads.

Trading platform: The CFD broker should offer a trading platform that is easy to use and meets the needs of the trader.

Customer support: The CFD broker should provide good customer support.

It is also important to read the CFD broker’s terms and conditions carefully before opening an account. This will help the trader to understand the risks involved in CFD trading and their rights and obligations as a client.

The CFD broker market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by several factors, including:

Increasing popularity of CFD trading: CFD trading is becoming increasingly popular among retail investors due to its flexibility and leverage. CFDs allow traders to speculate on the price movements of a wide range of assets, including stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies, without owning the underlying asset.

Growing adoption of mobile trading: Mobile trading platforms are making it easier for traders to access the market and execute trades on the go. This is driving the growth of the CFD broker market, particularly in emerging markets where mobile penetration is high.

Technological advancements: CFD brokers are investing heavily in new technologies to improve their trading platforms and offer new features to their clients. This includes using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide traders with real-time insights and personalized trading recommendations.

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Other trends that are driving the growth of the CFD broker market include:

Rising disposable incomes: Rising disposable incomes in emerging markets are creating a new pool of potential CFD traders.

Increasing financial literacy: Increasing financial literacy among retail investors is leading to a greater awareness of CFD trading and its potential benefits.

Favorable regulatory environment: Many regulators around the world are introducing new regulations to protect CFD traders. This is helping to boost confidence in the market and attract new participants.

Regional Trends

The CFD broker market is proliferating in all regions, but Asia-Pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth in the coming years. This is due to several factors, including rising disposable incomes, increasing financial literacy, and a favourable regulatory environment. Similarly, even the European CFD broker market is also expected to grow significantly. This is due to the increasing popularity of mobile trading and the growing adoption of new technologies by CFD brokers. The North American CFD broker market is relatively mature, but it is still expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. This is due to the increasing popularity of CFD trading among retail investors and the growing adoption of mobile trading.

A Leader Who Makes the Difference

Prime Point LLC, the driving force behind BigBoss, has been recognized by the International Business Magazine, a Dubai-based online business portal, for its superior forex and financial services. Over there, for the fourth consecutive year, BigBoss has won three prestigious awards: ‘The Fastest Growing Forex Broker St Vincent and the Grenadines 2023’, ‘The Best Forex Broker St Vincent and the Grenadines 2023’, and ‘The Best Forex Trading Experience St Vincent and the Grenadines 2023’. These accolades underscore BigBoss’s impressive business results in 2022 and has garnered attention from World Business Outlook for consideration to its Annual Awards for 2023.

BigBoss is a forex trading platform founded and operated by Prime Point LLC. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including forex trading, cryptocurrency exchange, and proprietary token issuance. BigBoss is committed to providing a safe and reliable platform for all traders, from beginners to professionals.

BigBoss is known for its exceptional services, which include:

Quick account opening: Customers can open an account and start trading in more than 80 currency pairs including Bitcoins.

Rapid deposit and withdrawal services: BigBoss offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods to ensure timely settlement of transactions.

Top-class execution: BigBoss uses trading servers provided by Equinix, a trusted name in the financial industry.

Customer support in multiple languages: BigBoss offers multilingual customer support in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

In 2022, BigBoss conducted an annual campaign offering deposit bonuses totalling up to USD 20 million. The company also launched its cryptocurrency exchange platform, CRYPTOS, which provides seamless trading experiences all year round. Additionally, BigBoss issued its proprietary token, BBC (BigBoss Coin), which affords its holders numerous benefits.

BigBoss values customer feedback and is continuously striving to enhance its service quality. The company has developed the “BigBoss QuickOrder”(BBQ) trading platform based on the client’s suggestions, which supports MT4 and MT5 platforms and is currently being upgraded. It will be released in the future. BigBoss also ensures efficient communication with its clients by offering real-time chat services and multilingual support.

BigBoss is a cryptocurrency company that has achieved significant milestones in recent years.

Q4 2021

BigBoss initiated the development of BigBoss COIN (BBC) and began planning for the implementation of MT5 and the development of a smartphone trading app. Additionally, BigBoss proposed a renewal for the SPOT DIGITAL ASSET TRADING PLATFORM “FOCREX”.

Q1 2022

BigBoss prepared the backend for MT5 implementation and developed the BigBoss official trading app. Additionally, BigBoss prepared for the renewal of the SPOT DIGITAL ASSET TRADING PLATFORM.

Q2 2022

BigBoss rolled out the MT5 platform and launched the BigBoss official trading app. “BigBoss QuickOrder”. Additionally, BigBoss launched a user point system.

Q3 2022

BigBoss launched the renewed SPOT DIGITAL ASSET TRADING PLATFORM “CRYPTOS” and distributed BBC to users.

Q4 2022

BigBoss conducted an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for BBC.


BigBoss listed BBC on CRYPTOS, added support for BBC deposits, and offered extra credit to users who deposited with BBC. Additionally, BigBoss plans for implementation of many BBC-related features and development of other services.

BigBoss has made significant progress in recent years, and the company is well-positioned for continued growth in the future. Overall, BigBoss is a leading CFD broker with exceptional services and a commitment to customer feedback and innovation. The company is well-positioned to continue its growth in the years to come.

Here is an exclusive interaction with the CEO of BigBoss, Christopher Jason who shared a few valuable insights with us on the occasion of his big announcement at World Business Outlook Awards 2023. BigBoss has been entitled with three awards from us for their exceptional financial brokerage services. The award titles are –

Most Recommended CFD Broker St. Vincent & the Grenadines 2023

Best Cryptocurrency CFD Broker St. Vincent & the Grenadines 2023

Most Transparent Forex Trading Platform St. Vincent & the Grenadines 2023

Here are the excerpts from the exclusive Q&A session

Q.As the CEO of BigBoss, can you kindly explain the online security measures taken to ensure the safety of the investors, traders and portfolio managers?

Ans. As the CEO, I am actively promoting awareness of online security among all employees and am making continuous efforts to reduce the risk of information leakage to nearly zero by consulting external experts. As a result, our registered users can use our services with peace of mind.

Q. As the leader of a trading platform that has won many awards, how important do you feel is to build investor trust for your products?

Ans. We believe that gaining the trust of investors is of utmost importance. We believe that increasing user satisfaction leads to greater brand credibility, which is why we continually listen to the opinions of our users and strive to improve our services and product development. I believe this commitment has also contributed to our recent award.

Q. What are the new and user-friendly technological innovations we can expect in the future from BigBoss services?

Ans. We plan to introduce an innovative service that adopts specifications to suit our users’ needs and requests. I believe it will be a service that will satisfy you, so please look forward to BigBoss.

Q. How do you propose to make BigBoss the No.1 CFD broker in the fiercely competitive online trading industry?

Ans. We believe that to become the number one CFD broker, it is essential to visualize the future of the market, accurately grasp industry needs, cultivate personnel who can respond sensitively to these needs, and have them work together as a united part of the BigBoss family.

Q. What advice would you like to give to enthusiasts who want to make profits and create a passive income via online trading?

Ans. It is important to find a broker that offers services with specifications that suit your trading style. Our company has been awarded in three categories, including the Best Cryptocurrency CFD Broker St. Vincent & the Grenadines 2023. We believe that by using BigBoss, which has been widely recognized for its high reliability and transparency, you will be able to profit safely. BigBoss conducts its business centered around a group company located in Canada and has also acquired a financial license in Georgia. As we conduct our business globally, individuals from various countries can engage in FX trading as users of our company.

Interview by Ujal Nair

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