‘We focused on customer satisfaction and customers push our sales’: Christopher Jason of BigBoss

Image from BigBoss
Image from BigBoss

Winner of the award titles Most Recommended CFD Broker and Best Cryptocurrency CFD Broker from St Vincent & The Grenadines in 2023, BigBoss is a global leader in world-class trading opportunities for the amateurs as well as the beginners. Since 2013, it has maintained its leadership as a CFD Broker in the trading industry. As the winner of the title Most Transparent Forex Trading platform in 2023, BigBoss follows the principles of continuing reform, improvement and challenges with reliability in mind.

The CEO of BigBoss, Christopher Jason, actively promotes the importance and implementation of top-class safety measures for every one of its global traders. He spoke to World Business Outlook in an exclusive interaction to help us understand more about the various attractive incentives and benefits of being a part of BigBoss. Here is the transcript of that interaction –

1. Tell us more about the BigBoss Loyalty Program, from its days of inception, its current evolution, and possibly its future iterations.

BigBoss always places a high value on customer relationships and is dedicated to building long-term cooperative relationships with its clients. To show appreciation for customers who have favored our services over the years, we have launched the BigBoss Loyalty Program (BLP) in 2023. Since its introduction, the BLP has been widely well-received. The BLP aims to maximize the benefits for our users. For example, benefits include exchanging BigBoss Points (BBP) for cash by upgrading status and increasing the BBP earned per 1 Lot traded. Furthermore, it’s possible to upgrade your BLP status using BigBossCoin (BBC), a cryptocurrency developed by BigBoss, which allows for various benefits within BigBoss. This suite of services works in synergy to strengthen the BigBoss service ecosystem. While our customers enjoy these benefits, BigBoss also expands its profits, creating a win-win relationship. In the future, we plan to continuously provide new experiences to our users.

2. According to you, how is an investment in Cryptocurrency a viable option today? How is BigBoss making it a profitable option today?

Many people have made significant profits from investing in cryptocurrencies, making it a viable investment option. However, to make it a profitable investment, it’s crucial to gain various knowledge, including an understanding of global situations, the characteristics of cryptocurrencies, and the regulations surrounding them. As cryptocurrencies have been in the spotlight for less than a decade, their prices can be highly volatile, offering the potential for high returns but also accompanying significant risks.

To become a profitable option, BigBoss has strategized around the following four keywords:

  • Offering innovative services: By providing unique values to users, such as BBP and BBC, BigBoss offers attractive options to investors.
  • Providing education and resources: To make investing enjoyable for users, BigBoss delivers education on trading and market analysis through blogs, columns, and newsletters.
  • Enhancing security: For the safety of funds, BigBoss has implemented advanced security measures.
  • Improving user experience: Aiming to optimize user experience through ease of interface use and multilingual customer support.

3. How did BigBoss remain consistent to its philosophy of ‘customer-first’ in this cut-throat CFD industry?

BigBoss’s customer-first philosophy originated from the belief that “maximizing customer benefits leads to maximizing our sales.”

During the early days of BigBoss, there was a period of struggle to acquire customers and faced many difficult management challenges. It was then that the company decided to focus on the theme of “customer-first,” prioritizing on increasing the satisfaction of existing customers over acquiring new ones in its management strategy.

This shift led to existing customers spreading the word about BigBoss’s exceptional services, allowing the business to expand rapidly.

BigBoss is committed to this customer-first philosophy, ensuring a system is in place for quick and courteous responses to customer inquiries. Additionally, the company employs flexible support through social media and chat tools, enhancing customer convenience.

4. Tell us about the various initiatives taken by BigBoss to enhance its transparency and trust among its customers and partners.

The effort to increase trust from customers and partners is very simple.

It’s all about “always providing what the customers want.”

There’s a dilemma that offering what maximizes customer benefits might reduce our profits. However, our business model relies on collecting a portion of the amount used by customers in FX trading as fees, meaning we don’t profit unless customers trade with BigBoss.

In terms of always providing what customers want, one example is that BigBoss has made transaction fees free for standard accounts. While transaction fees are a source of revenue for many CFD brokers, we believe customers prefer not having them. Pursuing short-term profits might lead to charging transaction fees, but our primary philosophy is to provide what customers want, hence the free transaction fees for standard accounts.

We also ensure that customer support handles withdrawal procedures quickly. Many CFD brokers allow quick deposits but take time for withdrawals, causing customers to worry if their money is being withheld. We want customers to enjoy their profits without delay, so we are careful to avoid lengthy withdrawal times.

Moreover, we have prepared a comprehensive support system to enhance customer satisfaction. Since FX is traded worldwide, issues can arise overnight due to time differences. Therefore, we ensure that support staff are available to assist with any problems at any time. Our support staff are thoroughly trained to respond from the customer’s perspective, aiming for quick and courteous answers.

Additionally, we have enhanced our response capabilities for emergencies, such as system failures. In FX trading, where leverage is significant, system outages can lead to substantial losses. Thus, we focus on quickly identifying and resolving issues and providing appropriate responses to customers. Demonstrating a willingness to compensate for losses as much as possible helps build trust.

By thoroughly adopting a customer perspective, maintaining a strong support system, and collaborating with the industry, we have gained trust from customers and partners. We consider this trust to be the foundation of our business.

5. How has BigBoss as a Fintech organization garnered prominence in the global financial industry? Give us a brief about its current status of operation across the world.

BigBoss takes pride in being a highly trusted CFD broker worldwide, as evidenced by winning the triple crown at the World Business Outlook Awards 2023.

BigBoss has primarily focused its business expansion in Asia due to the region’s large population and many countries experiencing significant development, foreseeing further needs in the future.

Indeed, the widespread adoption of smartphones and fintech becoming more accessible have allowed our business to expand rapidly. We plan to continue our business expansion mainly in Asia, preparing to venture into Central Asia and the Middle East, regions expected to see increased needs due to their growing populations. As a globally trusted CFD broker, we aim to meet these needs.

Asia is home to populous nations like India and China, along with ASEAN countries experiencing notable economic growth. In these countries, the middle-income class is steadily expanding, especially in urban areas, leading to increased interest in wealth creation and investment. The ease of access to financial services, facilitated by the widespread use of smartphones, has also been a favorable factor. Against the backdrop of Asia’s economic development and the improvement of individual financial literacy, BigBoss has been responding to customer needs by enhancing its product development capabilities and payment infrastructure, thereby steadily expanding its business.

However, outside of Asia, the foundation for offering globally viable services is not yet solid. In Western developed markets, regulatory environments are stringent, while emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa face infrastructural challenges. BigBoss considers business expansion in these regions, in addition to Asia, essential in becoming a truly global player. We are preparing various measures to understand the culture, business practices, and regulations of each region and collaborate with local partners to offer services that are both global in standard and localized.

Interview by Ujal Nair.

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