BioSkryb Genomics Partners with Research Instruments expanding reach in Singapore and SEA

BioSkyrb Genomics Partners with Research Instrument PTE. Ltd to bring forth Industry Leading Single-Cell Multiomics portfolio in entire Southeast Asia.
BioSkyrb Genomics Revolution-Single-Cell Multiomics Resolve DNA Technology

BioSkryb Genomics has recently announced entering into a partnership with Research Instruments Pte. Ltd, wherein the latter will be distributing BioSkryb’s ResolveDNA and ResolveOME single-cell amplification tools throughout Singapore and Southeast Asia.

BioSkyrb Genomics is a firm transforming single-cell analysis by enabling the most complete multiomic view of the cellular ecosystem, from discovery to diagnostics wherein Research Instruments Pte Ltd is a premier distributor for genomic and life science research products in Southeast Asia.

Research Instruments (“Everlife-RI”) is part of Everlife Asia, a leading Asia-focused market access and distribution group with strong capabilities in life sciences, clinical diagnostics, and analytical instrumentation operating in seven countries across Asia.

According to Industry sources, BioSkryb’s ResolveDNA genome amplification technology enables researchers to accurately examine whole genomes, whole exomes, and low-input DNA samples from single cells to reveal novel insights into the molecular drivers of disease. ResolveDNA reduces biases, experimental artifacts, and poor reproducibility that are commonly associated with traditional amplification methods, resulting in increased genomic coverage at an unprecedented resolution.

ResolveOME is a first-of-its-kind multiomic solution that combines whole genome or exome analysis with whole transcriptome analysis within each individual cell in an integrated workflow and can help investigators explore complex multiomic datasets at scale. Powered by BioSkryb’s patented primary template-directed amplification (PTA) technology, ResolveOME and ResolveDNA dramatically increase genomic coverage to 97%. When coupled with BioSkryb’s BaseJumper bioinformatics platform, which provides a quick analysis of complex data at scale, investigators can comprehensively explore single-cell multiomic data to enhance understanding of complex diseases.

Suresh Pisharody, CEO of BioSkryb Genomics

“We look forward to working with Everlife-RI to bring the power of ResolveOME and ResolveDNA to more researchers and investigators in Southeast Asia and enable greater insights into how complex diseases function,” stated Suresh Pisharody, CEO of BioSkryb Genomics. “Expanding into these critical markets will support scientific breakthroughs in research, diagnostics, and treatments through increased access to the unmatched resolution of our single-cell multiomics platforms.”

Yeo Seok Hoon, CEO of Everlife-Research Instruments

“Everlife-RI is committed to facilitating access to state-of-the-art research tools within our core geographic markets to help enable higher levels of research and eventually better outcomes for patients battling complex diseases,” stated Yeo Seok Hoon, CEO of Everlife-Research Instruments. “BioSkryb’s single-cell amplification tools offer an unprecedented multiomic view at single-cell resolution, and we look forward to working with them to increase access to these powerful solutions throughout Southeast Asia.”

Everlife-RI is the premier distributor of genomics and life science research products in Southeast Asia, with multiple technical teams and established customer support relationships throughout the region. Their core mission is to introduce and accelerate the adoption of groundbreaking life science research tools to their markets.